Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Jewelry for Girls in Pakistan

In Pakistan as in other regions of the world, skin jewelry is regarded highly due to the sensual feeling it creates. The gold industry is especially much advanced with anything short of 22-carat being termed as substandard. Combining the Muslim heritage and the feminine likes, the woman population are the exclusive users of gold jewelry. Looking at different occasions for the locals, you will encounter different ornaments going by names such as Kara, Tikka and Jhumar.
Bracelets for girls

Glass Bangles

The culture of jewelry has brought to existence many skilled craftsmen who produce masterpieces for sale. Using the latest tools, these local producers are able to complete with large scale manufacturers for the huge local and international market. Considering the presence of many sellers, purchasing a good jewelry for an occasion or general wear can be daunting. If the girl jewelry is for a wedding, the most important factor to consider is the design. Many types of wedding jewelry is available in the market, such as ringsear rings,  tops, bangles, braceletsneck-lets and much more.  More to that, you need to consider its longevity since you would like it to give lifetime memories.
Engagement Ring

Rings for Girls

Ear Rings
For those who prefer the olden look, such ornaments are usually heavy due to shellac and you need to be keen on the weight. one reason why people prefer the older minakari works is the higher gold content which is sometimes as high as three quarters of the total weight. Differentiating the real stuff from imitations is quite easy; more shellac less redness.

When it comes to other ornaments such as gold, specs and fissures are the major indications for imperfections. The secret to gaining glamour on ornaments is wearing real stuff regardless of the amount. False jewelry cannot fetch you the allure you need no matter how many you have.


Necklet and Ear Rings

Ring, Ear Rings and Bracelets

Ear Rings and Necklet

Bangle and Kara Set

Gold Bangles

Wedding Rings

Ring with multi Color Stones

Traditional Kara